Surfing on Vancouver Island

Yes, you read the title right. Not only is there surfing in Canada (the land of igloos and ice), there’s an Island off of the coast of British Columbia that possesses multiple surf breaks and has a town that claims to be the Surf Capital of Canada. For sportsmen everywhere, especially the Canadian sportsman, this…

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Ucluelet and Tofino

While plenty of places are an outdoorsman’s paradise on Vancouver Island, the place that takes the cake is the West Coast of Vancouver Island. In fact, there are two places in particular that compete for first place, Tofino and Ucluelet, which make up the Pacific Rim area of Vancouver Island. They’re like every other place…

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Comox Valley Outdoors

The Comox Valley is a true outdoorsman’s paradise. With nearly every outdoor activity available at any given time of the year, Courtenay, Cumberland and Comox might just be the trifecta of seasonal sports and activities. Don’t believe it? Check out the list of things to do in the Comox Valley below!   Skiing/Snowboarding Speaking of…

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