Salmon Fishing Victoria

Fishing Beautiful Victoria on Vancouver Island!

Victoria is the capital of British Columbia and a big tourist destination on the southern part of Vancouver Island. You can always add a day of fishing to your vacation!

The best times of year are in the summer for both weather and fishing, but Victoria can also produce some good winter fishing as well.

Recommended times include:

• November to early March for Chinook 5-15 pounds with the odd one up to 25.

• Late May and Early June for the Columbian run that comes through. You have a good shot at getting some larger fish over 30 lbs. You may even hear about the odd 60lb fish.

•July 15 to late August a larger run of Chinook filter through, though not as large as the Columbia run.

The summer season is also the time when sockeye, chum and coho come home. The boat's take off out into the Strait of Juan de Fuca on bright calm summer days from late July until October, with bigger and bigger coho being taken as the season progresses. Some years this can mean coho greater than 20 pounds in the late fall just before the winter chinook season begins.

In odd numbered years (for example, 2007) as many as 30,000,000 pink salmon destined for the Fraser River swell the strait passing by Victoria. The secret on this one is to find a rising tide in an afternoon as the fish are literally moved your way as though on conveyor belt. Everyone catches a limit in this fishery.

You also have a good shot at getting a halibut or two as some top 100 pounds. Take note that the best eating are smaller than 30 pounds, though it can be fun to get a lunker on the end!

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Salmon Fishing Victoria BC Canada