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Port Alberni is one of the best places in British Columbia to fish the Sockeye salmon. June 25-July 15 is the prime time to get these tasty fish.


The early mornings in Port Alberni usually see 150-400 boats going out to get their favorite dinner. You may think this number of boats must be insane to fish through, but the inlet is 25 miles long and every fisherman has his favorite spot.

Sockeye start in mid-June and continue through until early August. Thats when the big Chinook start rolling through. From mid August right into the beginning of September, the Chinook salmon fishing can have the boat very excited. The biggest flurry of action is the first hour when it seems that half the inlet of boats have fish on! Come experience the action!

Some favorite lures for sockeye salmon are the hot pink mini hoochie, mp16 mini, 3" pink coyote spoon along with either a green or red hotspot or O'ki flasher. Sockeye seem to have different tastes from year to year some years one is hotter than the other. You can also use darker pink minis or try just pink hooks by themselves.

For Chinook, there are so many differnt lures that will trigger hits. One of the most common lures is the MP 2 mini hoochie behind a green flasher. Length of leader will depend on the speed in which you like to go. Other hoocies include MP 16 mini, glow with green or white spots (early in the morning), or a dark pink(less common). Some favorite Tomic plugs are the 158, 600 or 602. If you are new to the area, make sure you take along some anchovies along with teasers. If you unsure about which color or lure is working, anchovies can be the answer. Anchovies can also be good for getting the bigger fish.

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Salmon Fishing Port Alberi on Vancouver Island BC Canada