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Hakai Pass is one of the most scenic areas to fish on the coast!

A favorite destination for anglers from all over the world, Hakai Pass boasts itself as the location of an IFGA record. In 1987, a whopping 85.5 pound Chinook salmon was taken on 20 pound test line off Odlum Point. But as the story goes, it was not an epic battle for the story books.

Apparently this lunker was in the boat after less than 20 minutes. More than 20 years later, hundreds of fishing enthusiasts try their luck, sojourning at the various lodges that dot the shoreline of this remote fishing paradise. Much of the area surrounding Hakai Pass is a provincial park, and is a breathtaking example of British Columbia beauty. Many people have guessed that the aerial pictures of this conservation area is actually Hawaii, before finding out it is the central coast of B.C.


Before you book your next fishing vacation to Hakai Pass, though, make sure you plan correctly. I personally have thousands of hours of experience plying the waters there, so here are a few things to keep in mind.

Thousands of Chinook salmon pass through the Hakai area every year, but if you don't know where and when to look, chances are you will come away frustrated time after time. For the best chance of hitting good quantities of fish, and also having a decent chance at a 50 pound plus fish, try to book your trip for the first three weeks of August. All of the usual spots can produce big fish, such as Odlum Point, Barney Point, The Gap, or even Breadner or the lighthouse at Spider Island if you can make the run. Watch for schools of baitfish, so even a couple miles offshore, between some of the sand beaches and south Pointers can work well.

Most fishermen here use cut plug herring with four to eight ounces of weight, but trolling with the downrigger from 40 to 150 feet with the universal salmon methods will also pay off. I highly recommend making sure you will be fishing with an EXPERIENCED guide, especially on your fist few trips. Don't fall for the line at fishing shows that a fishmaster will teach you everything you need to know…and then you are on your own. You will catch many multiples the number of salmon with a good guide than without one. It's worth the extra money.

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